By Reg Knelsen

Something happened today at 423 4 Avenue NE Calgary on the 6th floor of a building. In the grand scheme of things, some might say that this something was of little significance. Some might call this something a miracle.

In this building on 4th Avenue, a number of programs are offered to help those who have less. In this building, people work, and people volunteer, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Sometimes, these workers and volunteers wonder if, as individuals, they are making a difference.

I volunteer in this 4th Avenue building for a program called the Possibilities Project, a project that heals people through music, theatre, writing, and visual arts.

One of the Possibilities Project clients is challenged on many different levels, but he seems to take great joy in coming to this program.

Today, this client noticed that I keep my hands clean. When he pointed out my clean hands, I explained that I did not want to get dirt on my art. He looked at his own soiled hands, and said he would wash his hands. As he began to shuffle to the washroom I reached in to our rag bin, grabbing a rag, and explained that a clean rag might help him clean his hands. He took the rag from me, and said “Yes, thank you.”

Most days we go about our job hearing all the bad, and we wonder whether we really are making a difference in people lives.

Today, a man has clean hands, a miracle in my mind. I think we make a difference – today, a man washed his hands.