For over a decade, Calgary businessman and philanthropist Alfred Balm has been serving up a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for homeless Calgarians. Since 2009, he has been sharing his generosity with clients of The DI in an effort to ensure every Calgarian has the opportunity to enjoy a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal.

Mr. Balm has extended the event to an entire day of Thanksgiving. For Mr. Balm, naming the event will ensure it is perpetuated for years to come. For Calgarians, his generosity is meant to inspire others to express their gratitude through philanthropic endeavours that fill the lives of our marginalized neighbours with well-being and good food.

“Mr. Balm’s generosity is legendary, not just in our city but across our country,” says Debbie Newman, Executive Director of The DI. “We are very grateful for his continued support and leadership. He is an example of how every Calgarian can make a difference in our city by ensuring those who are marginalized can also enjoy the things so many of us take for granted – like a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends.”

Thank you Alfred Balm. In your giving we are encouraged and supported. In your humility we are inspired.

Alfred Balm Day of Thanksgiving will begin with a nutritious and delicious breakfast. 3,000 meals will be served throughout the day.