It is twelve days before a DI Christmas and we are once again sharing our 12 Days of Christmas stories.

We are grateful for Grant Fischer who leads the way with this heartfelt story of Apples and Oranges.


Apples and Oranges

Life on the streets is no picnic.

While living on the streets, I never woke up thinking “I sure like my life.” The uniform I wore was always dull. The only color in my life, my only real joy, was food.

Most soup kitchens don’t cater to foodies. Simply serving food is the imperative, and we on the streets are forced to accept any plain fare.

Christmas can be especially difficult. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy are memories, and memories of the “Better Days” fade.

One Christmas was different. That Christmas, a car stopped at the curb in front of me and the driver revealed a case of oranges and apples. “Here,” he said as he and his children handout bright and delicious gifts to my cold yet eager hands.

My God, the taste of a real orange to quench my thirst, the apple clean my teeth, life enters my body.

Later, I reflect on this simple act of generosity, an anonymous gift to an anonymous person. I am aware that, that moment, a spark was rekindled in my heart. In that moment, I become more than a statistic, a nameless face and a have not. I became someone. My world was filled with color Looking back, I am aware that that gift of apples and oranges put a smile on my face, which spread further cheer, hope, and love.

May you find what I found that day; you deserve a life filled with color.

By Grant Fischer.