Confirmed COVID-19 outbreak at the Calgary Drop-In Centre

As of Thursday, September 3, we have learned that a total of five clients of the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s main shelter have tested positive for COVID-19. Since we reported our first case on Thursday, August 27, more than 140 clients and 100 staff have been tested on-site. Contact tracing is also underway for all cases.

At this time, our main building’s programs and services are still open and available for clients who have been in the shelter since August 8. We have partnered with The Alex’s Assisted Social Isolation Site (ASIS), providing clients a safe and comfortable place to self-isolate while awaiting test results. Our satellite shelter has also become an overflow decanting site for clients awaiting test results.

Public health measures continue to be in place to identify cases and prevent the infection from spreading. We continue to take direction from our public health officials.

We are all continuing to work diligently to keep our shelter staff and client population protected best we can, and we thank the community for their kindness during this time. If the community is looking to support us, please visit to see our current greatest needs list.