How can you be someone?

The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society

Calgary is a dynamic city made up of caring individuals who understand the value in extending hands to lift up hearts. Through the generosity of Calgarians, the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre (the DI) has been able to support homeless and near-homeless Calgarians for more than 50 years.


Through a compelling social media story and videos that can be found here as well as on Instagram, this year’s #BeSomeoneYYC holiday campaign focuses on the importance of having a strong support system. Follow @beinglindsay on Instagram and follow #BeSomeoneYYC. Become part of Lindsay’s story.

This holiday season, you can be someone for 10,000 homeless Calgarians. Give today.

Affordable Housing

There is nothing quite like seeing a client move on from the DI and into his or her very own apartment. By donating to Affordable Housing, you will help alleviate some of the factors –such as lack of income or shortage of affordable rentals – that prevent clients from returning to a home they can call their own.

Our housing program sets clients up for success—it caps rent at 30% of a client’s net income, requires weekly check-ins with a housing support worker and provides a full-time staff member on-site to assist with community-building activities, to help clients travel to medical appointments, and help find work and volunteer opportunities in their neighbourhood.

This holistic approach increases the chances of clients staying in housing and being re-integrated into the vibrant Calgary community.

General Donations

By donating to the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s General Fund you will be supporting over 50 programs and services that assist clients. This covers everything from affordable housing, meals, education support, employment training, health services and much more for homeless Calgarians.

For every $1.00 that is donated, 92 cents go directly towards programs designed to help people transition out of the shelter system.

By donating to the DI, you can be someone for those that have no one.