Fueled By Kindness

Together, we can do more. For over 55 years, the Calgary Drop-In Centre has been there for thousands of people. Together, we can help Calgarians access housing that meets their needs. Give today to help fuel the journey home....

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7 Simple Ways to be a Philanthropist

As one of our friends on social media said recently:  “Philanthropy isn’t about giving back to the community. It’s about being part of your community.” With the holidays around the corner, we’re asked regularly: How can I help? What can my family and I do? The DI is...

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Fueling Courage: Roger’s Story

The Calgary Drop-In Centre works to improve the lives of people experiencing homelessness — like Roger. Roger lost his job in the recession and began working part-time for minimal pay. He picked up whatever shifts he could, but he eventually lost his truck, his ATV...

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The DI’s Wish List

The Calgary community is PHENOMENAL! From coat drives to sandwich making, the community has been going strong making sure folks staying in emergency shelter have access to warm winter-wear and food. And we know this generosity is only just beginning. (We didn't want...

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Request for Proposals: Environmental Scan

The Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) is accepting proposals to conduct an environmental scan within Calgary and area, to help determine who is receiving donated items and if and how they are distributing to Calgary and area agencies who serve Calgarians experiencing...

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