Sharing the right to eat.

 Blue Star Diner & Dairy Lane Cafe believe in using fresh local ingredients to create delicious meals for you to enjoy. As supporters of our community, they also believe everyone should be able to enjoy a meal. That’s why they’re founding partners of Mealshare, a group that makes it easier to share with those in need.

Mealshare is a non-profit organization that wants to change the world by sharing. Every time you choose one of their Mealshare-branded menu items, Mealshare provides a meal through The Calgary Drop-In Centre or Children’s Hunger Fund to feed someone in need.

You can feel great enjoying your meal today, knowing that someone in need will too.

They’re proud to be supporters of Mealshare, and hope you will be too. For more information on this program please visit For more information on  Blue Star Diner and Dairy Land Cafe please visit and

Dairy Lane Cafe and Blue Star Diner Family, with Mealshare’s Jeremy Bryant and Andrew Hall, serving 1,000 meals for people in need.