“…we believe we are in compliance with the grant conditions…”

 – Andy Lockhart


Chair, Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society

 June 18 2014 CALGARY: The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society denies suggestions that it is in breach of Provincial grant conditions. Based on multiple communications and an understanding the Government would release funds when all conditions were met, and subsequent release of funds, the DI has acted in good faith.

The DI is in full compliance with the Grant Funding Agreement and the subsequent waiver from the Assistant Deputy Minister. The detailed chronology of discussions regarding the funding agreement is as follows: March 27 2012: The DI was advised that the Quality Inn was in receivership and would be auctioned off by using a ‘stalking horse’ bidding process on April 16, 2012.

March 29 2012: The DI viewed the property and recognized that it would be suitable for an assisted living facility.

April 3 2012: A special meeting was held by the Board of Directors of the DI to review options relating to the purchase.  At this meeting, a motion was made to proceed with the purchase only if a waiver was granted by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs for the percentage of affordable housing occupancy and the community consultation conditions. 

The Board would not move forward with the auction process without written assurances from the Provincial representative that the conditions would be waived and that the DI would not be in breach of any of the conditions.

April 4 2012: Telephone call with Assistant Deputy Minister of Municipal Affairs detailing the project, the conditions that required waiving and the process in moving forward with additional rooms and possible renovation cost assistance.  The ADM was advised that prior community consultation would be impossible as all bidders on the property had to sign a confidentially agreement.

April 4 2012: Email to ADM outlining the opportunity to purchase the hotel, the fact that the building would be used for single room occupancy suites and requesting a written waiver of the percentage of affordable to market rents, and the evidence of community support.

April 4 2012: Email from ADM stating “there will be no problem with this, in fact I just signed off on another project, where all we are doing is a MOU between the Proponent and the Province which commits to you working with your neighbors, in lieu of a consultation.  This sounds like a great opportunity so good luck.”

April 12 2012:  Special Board meeting was held where the email from ADM was presented and the Board accepted the assurances that the Province would waive the conditions, and management was instructed to proceed with the auction process.

April 24th, 2012: Pursuant to the Board instruction and in reliance on the ADM waiver the DI submitted an auction bid which was accepted.

June 2012 to March 2013: Several meetings were held with ADM Municipal Affairs, ADM Alberta Human Services to discuss moving forward options, additional funding, and future developments of this site.

March 28 2013: Email from ADM Municipal Affairs regarding future site development, joint venture possibilities, bringing in additional partners. “This project will serve individuals who are ready to move forward with their lives. As a community we need to remember the people and find solutions to support them” says Debbie Newman, Executive Director of the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre Society.


CONTACT: Debbie Newman 403.699.8270 danas@thedi.ca