By Katie Turner Metro Calgary


Metro/Katie Turner St. Joan of Arc principal Dave McFarland (left), and John Costello principal Paul Dorin celebrate the success of the third-annual Sandwich Super Bowl.


Many students don’t even make their own lunch let alone lunches for dozens of people, but that’s what the recent Sandwich Super Bowl between two schools set out to do.

In late April, students from John Costello Catholic School and St. Joan of Arc School went head-to-head to make the most sandwiches for the Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre.

In a close battle, John Costello won for the third year in a row, making 1,871 loaves of sandwiches while St. Joan of Arc students made 1,178 loaves.

Each loaf is made up of multiple sandwiches, made by the students and their families at home and brought in to the school.

“We literally run the grocery stores out of bread so we have to give them a heads up that we’re doing this so they can bring in some extra stock,” said Costello’s principal Paul Dorin.

On Thursday, Dorin was presented the trophy while St. Joan of Arc’s principal Dave McFarland was left sporting a pink T-shirt, proclaiming John Costello the winners.

Ultimately, Dorin said the competition is just a fun way to teach kids the importance of giving back.

Dorin estimates each loaf costs about $10 so with more than 3,000 loaves between the two schools, executive director of the Drop-In Debbie Newman said they greatly appreciate the roughly $30,000 donation.

“It’s amazing the dollar value that you could put on that,” she said. “Most of the sandwiches go into bag lunches for the people who work.”

Dorin said the students make sandwiches one day every month in addition to the Sandwich Super Bowl.

“It’s huge,” he said. “And people say kids don’t understand what it means to give back. They get it.”

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