CBC makes our great city even better. One of the ways they are helping the homeless is by collecting socks and donating socks to The DI and the Salvation Army. Read more below.

Every month, CBC Calgary staff and members of our community get together to help a specific organization with a volunteer task for a few hours. Spearheaded by Angela Knight and Michael Arnault of the Calgary Eyeopener, the city’s number one morning radio program, the CBC Do Crew celebrates the spirit of volunteerism in Calgary.

Next mission:

CBC Socks for the Homeless Drive & Do Crew Sock Hop

What: Do Crew Sock Hop
When : Friday March 28, 2014
Where: CBC Calgary – 1724 Westmount Blvd NW
Time: 7am – 10am

We may not give our socks a second thought, but they are always top of mind for Calgary’s homeless population. A homeless person can walk several kilometres every day. Clean dry socks are vital to maintaining healthy feet and preventing frostbite and diseases like diabetes. Socks are needed all year round at both the Calgary Drop In Centre and The Salvation Army Centre of Hope.

Rob, one of our listeners, came up with the idea of gathering up “orphan” socks (you know the ones whose mates went missing in the dryer) and donating them to both shelters. So here’s the plan:

We’re collecting your gently used clean single socks to help keep Calgary’s homeless on their feet. New pairs of socks are also welcome. Drop off your socks here at CBC Calgary, 1724 Westmount Blvd NW until Wednesday March 26th.

After that the CBC Do Crew takes over. Friday March 28th we’re hosting a Sock Hop here at our studios. We’ll make sure those single socks finally meet their match. I need 10 volunteers to help match socks from 7am – 10am. If you’re interested please send me an email at docrew@cbc.ca

Here’s the radio doc that inspired Rob. It ran on The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright




Thanks for your help. And your socks!

Angela Knight

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