Our 3rd affordable housing building is set to open Summer 2019!

The DI is more than emergency shelter. As a housing-focused agency, we recognized the need to invest in affordable and supportive housing units in Calgary. These units are required if we are to end homelessness in Calgary.

The DI’s newest building, tentatively referred to as “Centre 4800” will provide support to 37 low acuity individuals referred by agencies in the homeless-serving sector, including the DI. The remaining affordable housing units will be available to rent to the community for near-market value.

Investing in affordable housing projects like “Centre 4800” is an investment in robust, resilient and self-sufficient communities. It is through successful partnerships such as this that we get closer to the goal of ending chronic homelessness in the city of Calgary.

Sandra Clarkson

Executive Director, Calgary Drop-In Centre

Support for Centre 4800

The Centre 4800 project couldn’t be possible without our funders, donors, volunteers and neighbours. We acknowledge and thank the community of Thorncliffe-Greenview for their continued support. 

Funding for this project was provided in part by:

  • National Housing Co-Investment Fund (NHCF) with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
  • Government of Alberta capital grant
  • City of Calgary’s Housing Incentive Program
  • Impact Investing through Calgary Foundation

We are still seeking $9 million dollars in capital funding. With the support of the community and all levels of government, your investment in “Centre 4800” will contribute to the success and sustainability of affordable and supportive housing in Calgary.