On October 23rd, the evening temperature was expected to drop to -7 degrees. People needed a safe place to sleep. And The DI acted. We did so because we care.

Everyone needs a safe place to come in from the cold. Everyone deserves a second chance, or a third, or fouth in a place where they can be part of a community that supports, nurtures and respects them without judging them for where they’ve been.

Program Director John Rowland shared the following thank you with DI staff. We wanted to share it with you.


Dear DI staff;

Once again, you have all proved how wonderful you are.

Yesterday morning, Jeremiah requested that we start Winter Response 9 nights early, as they had placed 100 people in the Lobby on Monday night.

 At 1 pm yesterday, the decision was made to Open the 2nd floor for housing people last night, and by 5 pm we were ready to do it.  Last night 101 clients slept on the 2nd floor.


This could not have happened without everyone working to make it happen.

Great job!  Thank you to all you who worked to make this happen!

John Rowland

John Rowland
Director of Programs