Gary from Human Resources recently shared the following wonderful email announcement. We wanted to share it with you.

To All Staff,

The DI Staff Community Awards acknowledge the effort and contribution made by members of our community toward fulfilling the DI’s goals and values. Recognize the actions of those who improve our workplace and enhance the DI community. For those staff who could not make it to the Christmas party here are the winners as chosen by you:


The Dermot Baldwin Award For Compassion/Above & Beyond – recognizes a person whose actions and approach to serving others goes well beyond what is expected of an employee. Understanding, kindness, and compassion are noticeably present in their service and acceptance of others; this person reminds us daily of the foundation of compassion the DI was built upon.

Deborah P.


The Ignac Horvat Award For Making a Difference/Special Impact – acknowledges a staff member who has demonstrated excellence and dedicated service to the agency. Tirelessly, this person persistently performs his or her duties without expectation of recognition or reward.

Jorge C.                


The DI Award For Leadership recognizes a DI staff member who demonstrates motivational leadership from whatever position they hold. Their values are clear, they lead by example, and they teach us how to make good decisions, to seek sensible solutions, and to be respectful of others.

Jeremiah M.                 

The DI Award For Community Builder – honors a staff member who has dedicated their time and talent to improving our staff and client communities. They have continuously promoted a culture of partnership, shared vision and togetherness. They exemplify collaborative effort, and community spirit.

Michael F.                  


The DI Award For Integrity – is presented to a staff member who demonstrates honesty, ethics, and a high level of engagement. Especially under difficult circumstances, our community looks to this person to help determine the best course of action, to do the right thing, and to always act in good faith.

Carrie P.                 


 If you see them around please congratulate them in their accomplishment.


Gary Decker
(Specialist, Human Resources) People Culture & Community