Metro News, Calgary

August 7, 2015

By Jennifer Friesen

After two days of extreme weather and winds gusting over 80 km/h, bits of garbage and debris were knocked out of hiding and all over Calgary’s streets.

Jorge Campusano, volunteer coordinator at the Drop-In Centre, woke on Thursday morning to another bout of pouring rain.

He thought it might put the centre’s scheduled clean-up mission on the back burner, but as he walked in to work he was approached by one of the centre’s clients requesting to help clean up the streets.

“It inspired me. I was really touched by that,” said Campusano. “There was a lot to clean up, and I’m sure there is a lot left for city crews, so whatever we can do to help, we’ll do.”

A group of seven clients and volunteers from the centre filled up 12 garbage bags full of debris left along the river bed and under bridges.

It was the first time Glen Miller joined in the effort, and he said it won’t be the last.

“When you see a cleaner area, you feel better about your day, like you did something positive,” said Miller.

“It feels good to give back and kind of pay it forward.”

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