Enbridge Inc. volunteers serving Winter’s Turkey

Enbridge Inc. volunteers serving Winter’s Turkey

Some believe that people who are “poor” deserve less than others. At the Drop-In, we disagree.

We believe that people who have experienced hardship, who have been abandoned by friends and family, and who have sought solace at a homeless shelter deserve more, not less.

And so, we are pleased that Enbridge Inc. and Winter’s Turkeys sponsored a BBQ at the Drop-In.  As community leaders, they didn’t serve hot dogs. They served those big honkin’ turkey drumsticks that look like they came from a pterodactyl.

Winter’s Turkey products are gluten free, dairy free, nitrate free and made with no added MSG.

We all deserve nutritious and delicious food. We all deserve to be surrounded by people that care about us. We all deserve to experience joy.

Thanks to Enbridge Inc. and Winter’s Turkeys, today, homeless Calgarians bellies and spirits are full.


If you are interested in creating joy by sponsoring a meal at the Drop-In, please click here or call Sophie at 403-699-8272.