Hutch Kitchen has been an extraordinary champion in our community.

In fact, they’ve generated a lot of buzz about the importance of cookware — particularly for those who are exiting homelessness and moving into their own homes. The company’s “Fill the Hutch” campaign has already collected over 700 pieces of kitchenware for the DI’s Free Goods Program. The impact of this campaign is HUGE and we are so appreciative of this community collaboration. As we say around the DI, “teamwork makes the dream work.” Learn more about “Fill the Hutch” on CTV.

Hutch Kitchen and Calgary Drop-In Centre LIVE on CTV | December 12, 2018

What is the Free Goods Program?

The Calgary Drop-In Centre Free Goods Program is available to any individual or family who has been referred by a housing-focused agency. This referral indicates necessity. The Free Goods Program team is helping an average of 8 people (and their families) move out every day. That’s a lot of moving boxes. (And a lot of kitchenware, furniture, and clothing!)

The program accepts most gently used items. If we can’t use something, chances are we will take it and recycle it!

As the DI houses more chronically homeless shelter users — we’ve currently housed 150+ people this year — the need for the Free Goods Program will only increase.


How you can get involved and help support Calgarians exiting homelessness:

  • Donate gently used kitchenware at Hutch Kitchen and receive a $20 credit to their cookware. (How nice is it to get a reward for doing good?) If you have used furniture to donate, you can bring those items directly to our Donation Centre.
  • Buy a cookware package for someone in need. Hutch Kitchen has created move-out kitchen kits to help furnish each unit of our newest supportive housing building (opening Spring 2018). Each package will be donated to a person who needs it. Purchase a house-warming gift to a Calgarian exiting homelessness.
  • Make a cash donation and designate your funds to “Supportive Housing”. Donate today.