Recovery Centre Article_Page_1Recovery Centre Article_Page_2In the Winter 2014 issue of our Kindness Aficionado Magazine, Abe Brown, Director of Programs at The Calgary Drop-In Centre made a powerful five-fold case, arguing for a responsive, medically supported, and compassionate resource for the complex needs of vulnerable people.

In his op-ed, Brown discusses a wide range of challenges that the shelter system is currently facing – including issues of addiction and inebriates, overall strain on the shelter system, mental health concerns, Calgary’s affordable housing crunch, and a continuing rise in numbers of elderly homeless.

As we (along with other agencies such as Alberta Health Services) are getting this conversation underway, we feel it is also the perfect time to start getting the public engaged as well.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts and support to get the project off the ground and helping these troubled Calgarians who truly need it.

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Read it here.

Abe Brown is Director of Programs at The Calgary Drop-In Centre. He started working with The DI in the late 1990’s as a front line care worker, thus having a comprehensive first-hand experience with the complex challenges our clients face. Abe is a primary voice in advocating for the Recovery Centre project and has been actively engaging in communications with other agencies optimistically petitioning to get the doors open.