When was the last time you moved? Was it within Calgary? Was it across provinces? Did you have to bribe your friends with pizza to help out?

We’re willing to bet you used a truck.

Now imagine if you moved over 300 times in the last year and a half. That’s a lot of pizza, but it’s even more reliance on that truck. We wouldn’t want to move all those boxes in regular cars, or worse….


…having to take transit.

Unfortunately, things have hit a speed bump here for us at the Calgary Drop-In Centre, as our beloved Hino three-ton truck has moved its last load. No more move-ins runs to the Calgary Food Bank, or supply transportations in its future, and everything else we used that truck for. The truck was also valuable for community initiatives, like community cleanups, backpack donations from schools, and large sock donations from local businesses! We still have smaller vehicles that are now being worked overtime, but the truth is we need to get another big truck because there’s only so much we can do without it.  

We’re looking for community support in purchasing said new truck so that we can get back on the road at full capacity again. You may have seen on social media or in the news, but we’re looking for $98,000. We’re shooting for the stars with a new truck, and we’re hoping that we can get the best truck possible. That being said, if you have any leads on a truck that fits our needs, we encourage you to send it to us at community@thedi.ca. The more options we have right now, the better! $98,000 helps us tick a few boxes off our checklist, like a 20-foot body (which we would love to have) and a tailgate (which we need). This will help us ensure the long-term viability of our new truck, as well as guaranteeing the safety for our drivers and any cargo.

If you’re able to donate or spread our message, it would be greatly appreciated! The faster we’re able to purchase a new truck, the faster we can get back to helping out Calgary’s low- and no-income residents, and make sure our attention is best spent on people rather than truck parts. 

Thank you, Calgary! With the support you’ve shown us over the years, we know that we’ll be back on the roads in no time. Now, in the meantime…