We recently had the pleasure of  meeting a group of W. O. Mitchell Elementary School students; they came to The DI to volunteer. One of the students shared the follow poem with our staff. We want to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

By Althea B. (10 years old)

June 2013

I see the sadness on your face;

                          also the despair.

But it’s not until a little while

                          that I realize I am looking at your cover.

But what about your inside?

You are more than just sadness.

You are courage and bravery, love and compassion.

In your eyes, that is all I see

                         the goodness of your heart

                         and everlasting hope.

Sadness is like the clouds.

Hope is the sun.

Clouds block the sun but the sun is still there.

Hope is always there.