Affordable housing is a major issue in cities across Canada, and unfortunately in many neighbourhoods there is a negative attitude associated with having it in a community. The truth is that affordable housing actually adds to not only the lives of people who get to live there, but the community and city it is located in as well. Affordable housing benefits everyone and here are just a few reasons why.

1.     Economic growth Once individuals and families are able to afford a home and have that stability once again, they have the opportunity to participate in the labour market again. Without the stress of wondering where they will be sleeping that night, they are able to look for a job and add to the local economy. Rather than leaving to look for work in other communities and cities, they stay local. Also with an affordable home people are able to once again have some disposable income to spend on local businesses.

2.     Diverse Neighbourhoods Affordable housing allows people from all walks of life to be part of a community and allows them to add to the cultural fabric of what makes a neighbourhood great. Studies have shown that economically diverse neighbourhoods even ‘result in higher grades on standardized tests for all children.’ Diverse neighbourhoods are what make cities like Calgary so incredible.

3.     Revitalizes Community Affordable housing brings new people to neighbourhoods, which can revitalize communities with new residents. These types of housing units have been shown to increase social mobility and helps people avoid intergenerational poverty – increasing health outcomes and access to employment.

Our third housing iniaitive is an affordable housing project that would be able to add to the local community it is located in. It is a mixed use apartment building that would provide permanent housing options and ground-floor retail and commercial space. This project builds on success of other affordable housing projects the Calgary Drop-In Centre has been a part of and would provide much needed homes to dozens of Calgarians.