Written by Grant Fischer.

I had fallen on hard times. How I came to dire ends is not as important as what I found. Loneliness, despair, shame and guilt became my constant companions. I became isolated and addicted. As years passed, I came to suspect this was my allocated lot in life.

Burning within each of us is an ever so tiny spark, a hope if you will. From time to time, strangers kept my spark kindled. When I needed help, a shared meal, a smile, words of encouragement or much needed clothing were the best gifts I could have received.

Had it not been for true acts of love and caring, my spark may have extinguished, further dimming my dark life. My spark, nurtured with patience, love, and compassion, has grown and today serves to breathe life into other sparks in need.

To all who gave so freely to me, thank you.

As I prepared to leave my dark past there came to me one truth, we are here to help others. We all have a responsibility to help. Share the blessings in your life with others. By giving, we all receive.

We all have the capacity to give. You can give to others this holiday season by supporting the DI Christmas WishList: http://wishlist.thedi.ca/. Visit the website, read homeless Calgarians stories, and, please, grant a special someone’s Christmas Wish. We all deserve a Merry Christmas.