You’re on a mission to clean out your home. Things have been piling up for years. You’re finally at the end of your rope, but this is the moment you’ve been dreading.

Getting rid of all that old stuff is something you keep meaning to do. But let’s face it – you’ve been putting it off. It’s a hassle. It means spending your day sorting and categorizing. It means multiple trips: first to the bottle depot, then to thrift stores, metal recyclers, electronic recyclers, and finally the dump.

It also means doing your research to know just what goes where. And still, in the back of your head, you know it’s inevitable that one of your stops might refuse an item because it’s supposed to go somewhere else.

You’re sitting there in procrastinative wonder, thinking, “Why can’t someone just make the process simpler?!”

We’re here to tell you that someone has. And what’s better, your old unwanted items can be used as a force for good! And not just for the environment. Your unwanted items can actually help the homeless men and women in your city.

To show you how, we’ve put together an infographic that explains each of the five ways the Calgary Drop-In Centre can be your one-stop recycling hub – and how your old, unwanted items will be transformed into much needed resources for the city’s less fortunate.