By Max C

By Max C

The amazing staff at Odgers Berndtson recently requested art from the DI art studio. They then used the art to host an auction in support of the DI’s Possibilities Project – the DI’s art program.

The efforts of Odgers Berndtson’s staff efforts raised a total of $1,835 for the DI’s art studio, as well as for its artists. Their efforts also spread joy among the artists and all those involved.

In their own words:

“We are in the business of recruiting the leaders of major, influential companies throughout the city. Because of our business, we understand that powerful leadership comes from those individuals and organizations who do what is best not for themselves, but for everyone. We feel that as much as we are working to create better organizations through leadership, we are also working to create a better community through investment and involvement. Taking the opportunities to stay connected with our communities, is a way that we are trying to be leaders in our business. It is vital that companies have a vested interest in growth of Calgary for every Calgarian. A chain is only a strong as its weakest link, and a city is only as strong as the people it supports. If we work hard to support every person, every link in the chain, we will be a strong, vibrant, and thriving city.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Calgary Drop In and Rehab Centre because of the values of the organization, and how these values resonate through their services. The Drop-In is a non-judgmental place for anyone and everyone to come to fulfill needs; from food and shelter, to community and friendship. It is a non-discriminatory environment that espouses its core value – Respect. Treating everyone with respect is an encouraging approach to end homelessness, because it gives someone back their self-respect and self-dignity. Having a space that defends their client’s fundamental right to respect is changing the way that people see themselves, and in turn, participate in our society.

We are excited to work with any organization that helps the individuals of Calgary, and work toward elevating Calgary to a strong, vibrant, and thriving city. The Drop In Centre, in every way, fits our objective and it’s a tremendous return on community investment.”

Thank you Odgers Berndtson for all that you do!