Affordable Housing

Nearly every one of our clients shares a similar goal. For some it’s something to achieve in the short term. Others are more willing to wait. But almost every person we serve dreams of receiving the keys to their own apartment, and returning to housing in the community.

There are a number of factors that prevent homeless men and women from achieving their housing goal — a lack of income and a shortage of affordable rentals on the market being perhaps the most notable. Though addictions, mental illness, developmental disabilities, and a lack of community and social supports also play a role.

In addressing each of these obstacles, the Affordable Housing program at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre aims to provide formerly homeless men and women with the best chance at success on their housing journey.

Our program helps clients succeed in the following ways:

  1. Rent is capped at 30% of a client’s net income.
  2. Clients are required to take part in weekly check-ins with a housing support worker.
  3. A full-time staff member works on-site with clients to facilitate group community-building activities, to help clients travel to medical appointments, and to assist them in finding work and volunteer opportunities in their neighbourhood.

And to qualify for our Affordable Housing program, clients must meet a number of requirements — focused on ensuring the success of their housing as well as that of their peers.

These include:

  1. Clients must not have any active addictions.
  2. Mental health must be effectively managed and under control.
  3. Residents agree to maintain a clean and orderly apartment.


Even though I am an extremely busy person and often people say I should do less, giving up my time at the DI is not even an option. The women on 3rd Floor Ladies are incredible. They are funny, intelligent, entertaining and have been extremely welcoming to me. It brings me comfort and peace to lend an ear to these beautiful women that have ended up at the DI through many twists and turns in life. They make me appreciate life and remind me of what is truly important. The women have deeply moved me and I appreciate each and every moment that I get to share with them. They are more than the stereotypes. They are grandmothers. They are mothers. They are sisters. They are friends. They struggle. They battle. They persevere. They bleed. They are human. And they are beautiful. Take a little time to get to know them and they just might surprise you.



Bridgeland Manor

Bridgeland Manor

Bridgeland Manor is a seniors living community located in the city’s northeast community of Bridgeland. Half of the 36 units are designated for affordable housing, and are home to formerly homeless Calgary Drop-In Centre clients over the age of 50.

Sundial Apartments


Sundial Apartments is a high-rise apartment complex located in the west end of Calgary’s downtown core. Half of the 114 units are designated for affordable housing, and are home to formerly homeless Calgary Drop-In Centre clients of all ages.

Centre 4800

Our Third Housing Initiative

Our next housing initiative is a future affordable housing community located in the northeast community of Greenview. Half of the 79 unit complex will be home to formerly homeless men and women from the Calgary Drop-In Centre, along with low-income seniors and families.