Book Nook

Reading is an invaluable activity, both for pure pleasure and for the benefits of intellectual stimulation. At the Calgary Drop-In Centre, our clients have access to a well-stocked library of books from all genres and for all tastes. The Book Nook is run by community volunteers, often facilitated by client volunteers, and the treasure trove of titles is stocked entirely by the kindness of donations.

Naturally, the Book Nook places a high emphasis on literacy and opportunities are available to our clients for tutoring to improve their reading skills, break down barriers, and bring a little extra joy into their lives.

Volunteering as an ACV has definitely changed my outlook on different aspects of everyday life. It has made me more aware of different situations others face that I hasn’t realized before I started volunteering. It has made me realize that everyone has their own story to tell. My experience at the DI has been really good so far, learning about the clients and also talking/joking with them. I have gotten to the point where I know a lot of clients’ names and remember them from week to week. Volunteering in general is something I’ve done for a few years now which has always been good but I think the DI has been the most eye opening for me. I describe volunteering at the DI to others as something I enjoy doing, that is very rewarding and also eye opening and that has taught me a lot.



Most popular genres:

Westerns, Sci-Fi, Mysteries, Thrillers, National Geographic and Literary Fiction