Community Collaborative Care

With over 20,000 clients coming through our front door every year, it is always a challenge for the Calgary Drop-In Centre to appropriately provide service for each individual that comes to us for help. However, with our Community Collaborative Care Model (3-C Model), we integrate an efficient intake process, assessment and referral system, and regular case management to effectively provide appropriate care for our clients. Throughout every stage of the Case Management process, our staff are highly trained and carefully chosen. The 3-C Model fluidly integrates with our overall system of care as we direct our clients to the services they require most for optimal outcomes.

I am pretty impressed with the service provided by ESS especially when I consider the various circumstances beyond your control that you may have to contend with! It is a huge relief to NOT spend my time completing a bunch of forms every time I need casual labour or spend my money paying an employment service; I could not afford to do that! 

What is really amazing to me is that is every bit as effective, and even more efficient in providing casual labour than the employment services that charge!

J. Marshall


+ clients case management sessions


Twice as likely to see a counselor in their first week


Four times as likely to go to Health Services in their first week