Community Kitchen & Common Room

If there is one factor that increases the likelihood a person will relapse from housing back into homelessness, it is the loneliness and isolation they face while living on their own.

The Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre believes in a community-first approach to housing. And one way we ensure our clients get the most out of their new living arrangements is through the use of shared common spaces such as our Community Kitchen & Common Room.

Both of our current housing operations at Sundial Apartments and Bridgeland Manor have been renovated to include a common space for all residents to use — complete with ample seating, cable television, a shared kitchen, and a warm inviting atmosphere. Plans have already been included to create a similar space in the new Centre 4800 facility when it opens.

Housing clients and market renters alike are encouraged to gather in these spaces, to enjoy each other’s company, play games, and share meals. With group activities facilitated by our full-time staff Community Builder, these spaces have transformed our housing operations into a true home environment for more than 100 formerly homeless men and women.

It's a very interesting experience at the Calgary Drop-In, and I think you have to be actually there to see what I mean. It's big, there's lots going on, there's all kinds of clients, and almost anything can happen. If you happen to enjoy giving back to the community, interacting with people from all walks of life, and overall making somebody's day a little bit brighter, then the Calgary Drop-IN is a great place to volunteer at.



Community Kitchen & Common Rooms in Sundial

Community Kitchen & Common Rooms in Birdgeland

Clients in Sundial

Clients in Bridgeland