Intox/Harm Reduction

While our hope and dream for all of our clients is a happy, healthy, self-actualizing life, the truth is that many of them still have a long way to go. All of our clients have experienced some form of trauma or tragedy in their lives that have brought them to our doors. For several of them, that tragedy has been so damaging that they have developed struggles with mental health and addiction. Taking a Harm Reduction approach, we seek to minimize the amount of harm that our clients experience until they can transition into treatment and recovery.

Our overnight Intox sleeping service, in conjunction with our Harm Reduction space during the day, provides our clients with a warm, safe, caring environment keeping them out of riskier spaces outside of our doors. Any chance we have to provide food or sleep or conversation is a chance for us to establish a connection, build a rapport, and foster a relationship. And relationships are the foundation for much of the work that we do.

During my first shift as an ACV in Intox, I was pulled into the perspective of a shelter worker; I received hands on experience with the procedural duties of a shelter worker and one on one communication with different clients who different stories, perspectives, and specific needs. Most notably, I was mentored and welcomed by the active staff members, who made me feel like an important member of the team. Any individual looking to gain some perspective into the life of a shelter worker, the kindness and understanding it requires, and the vast benefits one may gain from forming new relationships with a mosaic of differing individuals would be greatly interested in the ACV program.



Number of People who stay in Intox

From 140 to over 200 per night
(average of 177 nightly in 2015)

Number of People who stay in Harm Reduction

From 100 to 160 per day
(average of 156 per day in 2015)