Meal Services

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, two snacks (not to mention the coffee), the Calgary Drop-In Centre takes great pride and gratitude in its ability to feed 1100 people a day. Thanks to the assistance of both client and community volunteers, we are able to serve hundreds of people per meal. And for our clients who are unable to be here for meal times due to other commitments? We have a bagged lunch program, heavily supported by the community that provides lunches for our clients who work, go to school, or have appointments throughout the day.

And it gets even better than that. Because of the Kindness of families, school groups, corporations, religious groups, and more, our Sponsored Meal Program provides an enhanced meal experience for the entire building. Generously sponsored meals are also provide during holidays which ensures that our clients receive whatever feast the occasion requires.

Meal Schedule

Breakfast – 7:00 am
Snack – 9:30 am
Lunch – 12:00 pm
Snack – 3:30 pm
Dinner – 6:00 pm

It's a very interesting experience at the Calgary Drop-In, and I think you have to be actually there to see what I mean. It's big, there's lots going on, there's all kinds of clients, and almost anything can happen. If you happen to enjoy giving back to the community, interacting with people from all walks of life, and overall making somebody's day a little bit brighter, then the Calgary Drop-IN is a great place to volunteer at.



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