Healthcare is a basic human right. Unfortunately it doesn’t always feel that way for those experiencing homelessness and poverty. Vulnerable populations like the men and women we serve often experience difficulty gaining timely, appropriate access to the medical services and support they require.

The majority of our clients do not have a family doctor. They cannot always rely on having transportation to and from appointments. And for medical concerns that require ongoing attention, it can make regular visits to the emergency room or walk-in clinics both difficult and confusing for patients and doctors alike.

The medical program at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre believes in providing homeless Calgarians with accessible, responsive, and timely access to medical services — conveniently, and right where they live. Our team of nurses are trusted by our clients. They have familiarity with the common injuries, illnesses and medical challenges faced by homeless Calgarians. And they are able to act as an advocating voice in cases where patients need to be upgraded to a higher level of care.

Our team works closely with the Calgary Urban Projects Society (CUPS) to bring in a medical doctor once per week to consult with clients who require non-critical diagnoses, check-ups, and prescription medications. They also facilitate other key medical service providers to work with our clients, including an Acupuncturist, a wound care specialist, and chronic disease management professional.

I am pretty impressed with the service provided by ESS especially when I consider the various circumstances beyond your control that you may have to contend with! It is a huge relief to NOT spend my time completing a bunch of forms every time I need casual labour or spend my money paying an employment service; I could not afford to do that! 

What is really amazing to me is that is every bit as effective, and even more efficient in providing casual labour than the employment services that charge!

J. Marshall


patients seen in 2015

Main nursing team consists of
2 Registered Nurses &
1 Assistant Nurse


of clients seen were 56-65 years of age