Project Forward

Upwards of sixty percent of clients at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre work every day. Many in permanent full-time jobs. And yet, a large number of them still remain stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of homelessness and poverty.

Making a living wage is certainly one part of the equation. As is access to affordable housing. But there is another, less talked about, but equally important factor that often prevents our clients from moving forward with their lives. One that begs the question, “What tools do these men and women have to manage their finances?”

We are proud to work alongside Ram Banga, a certified financial planner who volunteers his time to work with the men and women at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. Through Project Forward, Ram counsels homeless Calgarians in the basics of financial literacy. He teaches them how to balance a budget. He offers advice on how to pay off debt. And he shares strategies and ideas that help our clients build a foundation of savings that will benefit them long into the future.

I am pretty impressed with the service provided by ESS especially when I consider the various circumstances beyond your control that you may have to contend with! It is a huge relief to NOT spend my time completing a bunch of forms every time I need casual labour or spend my money paying an employment service; I could not afford to do that! 

What is really amazing to me is that is every bit as effective, and even more efficient in providing casual labour than the employment services that charge!

J. Marshall


1 visit/month is the average number of visits made by Ram