“Our House” Senior’s Program

Because of the toll that homelessness takes on the body and mind, we view anyone over the age of 50 as a senior citizen. Which means — with sixty percent of clients at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre over the age of 46 — well over half of the people we serve are either approaching or have entered their golden years. This presents a number of challenges to their health and wellbeing, along with their ability to work, make money, and access specialized programs and services tailored to their unique needs.

“Our House” Seniors Program at the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre is a grassroots initiative that provides community, advocacy, and support services for homeless seniors, along with seniors who live near our agency in the East Village, Bridgeland, and the downtown core.

With a dedicated quiet space — removed from the busyness of the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s main building — people who visit Our House can enjoy coffee and company with their friends, work on creative projects in the Our House Art Room, learn to use computers, and receive help with applying for social assistance, completing tax returns, and finding transportation to medical appointments.

Senior Resident

age of the majority of our clients

average age of clients over 50