Storage is an impactful service offered by the Calgary Drop-In Centre. For those experiencing homelessness, everything they own is on their person or in a backpack, exposing their few and precious possessions to theft and loss. Having a safe and secure place to put their belongings does not just provide peace of mind, but empowerment by having even a minimal space to call their own.

Assigned lockers are provided to every resident of the Supportive Housing Floors, alleviating any stress around their possessions and allowing them to focus on transitioning into independence. Full size lockers are also available at Centre 2507, the satellite shelter of our main building, and a limited number of lockers are offered on Emergency Service floors. Longer term storage is also available on a case by case basis.

I got the chance to work with ACV Cyril this morning in Hygiene, and I wanted to let you know how wonderful he is. Cyril picks up on routine very quickly and is always sure he is stocked with towels and supplies back there. Cyril has come in earlier than his start time every time he’s scheduled, and starts prepping Hygiene and making sure everything is clean and ready before we open up. Cyril does this all on his own without being asked, and is so diligent with his work. With anything he is taught, he makes an effort to learn how to do it correctly and efficiently. Thank you for bringing us such wonderful ACVs to our team, they are a huge help and we are all so thankful when they are around.   



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lockers assigned to different people

locker closures initiated with clients moving out in the last month