Supportive Housing

4th & 5th Floors. Many of our clients are on the cusp of happy, healthy, independent living. The Calgary Drop-In Centre’s Supportive Housing Program is a last step before transitioning into self-actualization. Those of our clients who are at a point in their lives when they need just a little extra time and support before continuing with their journey, will find exactly the kind of help they need.

On the Supportive Housing Floors, our clients are working or going to school, volunteering regularly in our building to contribute to the very programs they benefit from, and engaging in more in depth case management to identify their goals, barriers, and step by step plan to move into ultimate independence. It is a final launching off point before they begin to realize their full potential.

I am pretty impressed with the service provided by ESS especially when I consider the various circumstances beyond your control that you may have to contend with! It is a huge relief to NOT spend my time completing a bunch of forms every time I need casual labour or spend my money paying an employment service; I could not afford to do that! 

What is really amazing to me is that is every bit as effective, and even more efficient in providing casual labour than the employment services that charge!

J. Marshall


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