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Calgary’s homeless are, by far, the most likely citizens to be victims of crime. Unfortunately, these crimes — ranging from property crimes to violence and sexual assault — are also the least likely to be reported.

Whether it’s because the victim does not know where to turn, that they feel like their claims will be ignored, or because they are fearful of retribution — homeless victims of crime often suffer in silence and never receive the resolution they greatly deserve. We believe it is important that these men and women be given a voice and an opportunity to see justice is served.

The Calgary Downtown Victim Services program is a partnership between the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre, the Alberta Solicitor General’s office, the Calgary Police Service, and the Safe Communities & Opportunity Resource Centre (SORCe). The initiative is targeted towards homeless Calgarians who have been victims of crime, and helps lead them through every step of the judicial process — from filling out a police report, to testifying in court, and often helping them receive financial settlements to compensate for damages incurred.


Victim Services
Phone: 403-699-8202 or 403-699-8297
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Victim Services Funders

Even though I am an extremely busy person and often people say I should do less, giving up my time at the DI is not even an option. The women on 3rd Floor Ladies are incredible. They are funny, intelligent, entertaining and have been extremely welcoming to me. It brings me comfort and peace to lend an ear to these beautiful women that have ended up at the DI through many twists and turns in life. They make me appreciate life and remind me of what is truly important. The women have deeply moved me and I appreciate each and every moment that I get to share with them. They are more than the stereotypes. They are grandmothers. They are mothers. They are sisters. They are friends. They struggle. They battle. They persevere. They bleed. They are human. And they are beautiful. Take a little time to get to know them and they just might surprise you.



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Risk Assessments performed in 2015


of victims reported in 2015 were male


of victims reported in 2015 were between 46-55 years of age