Wellness Volunteer

The Wellness Exchange Group is an educational program that teaches homeless men and women key life skills — empowering them to take control of their own personal growth. Wellness Volunteers help to promote, prepare for, and participate (where comfortable) in our weekly Wellness Exchange Group discussions — where we offer learning opportunities, collaborative discussions, group brainstorming, and practical exercises.

The Wellness Volunteer is an ideal role for anyone who would enjoy being a liaison between our front-line care staff and homeless clients, has mornings free, and is able to make a long-term commitment of at least four months.

Volunteer orientation attendance is required for this opportunity.

Number of Volunteers

Number of Volunteers

1 volunteer

Volunteer Times

Volunteer Times


Skills Required

Skills Required

Outgoing, Compassionate, Organized, and Task Oriented

Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and Responsibilities

Liaise between Client Care team and homeless men and women help to coordinate and set-up Wellness Exchange Meetings



1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE

Training and Supervision

Training and Supervision

Supervised by Wellness Exchange Staff Member

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Drop-In Centre Located?

#1 Dermot Baldwin Way SE, just south of Langevin Bridge.

Is there parking?

Yes, the Drop-In Centre provides complimentary parking on the south side of the building. Where it is marked “Reserved Parking”, this is for our volunteers.

If the parking lot is full, where do I park?

There is additional overflow parking on the east of the building. Please ask security to unlock the parking compound.

Can I drop in and volunteer?

Unfortunately not, all volunteer activities must be scheduled in advance by a member of the Volunteer Department.

I’ve already scheduled a shift and I have more people that want to join me, can they come?

As much as we would love more volunteers, there are area volunteer limits. If you have more people who would like to volunteer, please schedule an alternate day and time with the Volunteer Department for your larger group.

How many people are considered a group?

Party of three or larger (including you) qualifies as a group. If this is the case, please follow the group application process.

I have youth that want to participate with me, can they volunteer?

We welcome volunteers of all ages. However, those who are under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a minimum of one adult. For children under the age of nine, they need to be accompanied by an adult, with an adult child ratio of one-to-one.

I’ve volunteered with a group previously, do I need to attend an orientation?

With all other volunteer opportunities, other than to serve a meal, we require you to attend an orientation.

What should I wear during volunteering?

Closed toe shoes must be worn, along with modest and comfortable clothing during your visit. No bandanas are permitted on the property; but baseball caps are.

I think every community should have a place like the Calgary Drop-In Centre. If they did, the world would be a better place.

Manisha Ghooi


Your contribution helps make it possible to serve meals, run programs, operate our facilities, and care for vulnerable clients. Apply now to the volunteer at the Calgary Drop-In Centre.