No Fixed Address

nofixedaddress1-250x381-196x300Have you ever asked why a seemingly healthy teenager needs to beg? Or, have you ever wondered what it’s like to make your living picking bottles out of a dumpster, or what would happen to you if suddenly all your support systems were pulled out from under you?

leduc-250x321A new book, No Fixed Address: Tales From The Street, profiles 19 people living on the streets of Calgary. It provides insight as to how they got into their diverse and difficult situations and allows the reader to stand in their shoes for a few minutes. The stories vary from Jamie, a young aboriginal man, who was abused physically and sexually by his foster parent, to Mercel, who fought in Vietnam and who once owned his own business in Calgary, to Darlene who went to some of Europe’s best schools and now works the streets.

Published by the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre to raise awareness and funds for its new all purpose facility, the book was written by Calgary journalist Susan Scott and is poignantly illustrated with photographs by Herald photographer Mike Sturk. All the subjects volunteered their stories and saw their contributions as a way of returning something to the Drop-In and, in many cases, as a way of setting the record straight. They spoke frankly and freely about their lives and their aspirations. For reasons of safety, some names have changed to protect identities.

100 pages / $9.95
Publication date: April 2000

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The Authors

Susan Scott – Author

As a child Susan Scott use to watch her grandmother knit socks for destitute men in London, England, and her first job was in a home for “girls in moral danger”. A feature writer whose projects have included juvenile prostitution and mental health issues affecting people on the street, she has endeavoured to give a voice to the voiceless and a place where they can tell their stories without judgment. She hopes the book will help readers starts to perceive “them” as “us”.

Mike Sturk – Photographer

Although the award-winning photographer has worked in newspapers for many years, Mike still believes in the power of pictures to make an impact on people’s lives. A photographer at the Calgary Herald, he lives in this City with his wife Katie and their children Kara and Jesse. Sturk, like Scott, donated his time and talent to the creation of the book.

WHERE: 50 years of ending homelessness

where-cover-621x428-300x206WHERE: 50 years of ending homelessness tells the DI story in 50 words, 50 photos, 50 voices.

The Photos are the creative expression of the DI Story as seen through the camera lens of the photographers at christina (plus) nathan.

The Voices are the words of clients, staff, volunteers, donors and those who contributed prose and poetry that expressed what the 50 words meant to them.

The Book expresses the depth and breadth of what we do at the DI. This book reflects how much we do and have done to create value in the lives of the people we serve.

Filled with beautiful photography, expressive words and heartfelt sentiments, WHERE is the story of the DI as we turn 50.


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