2014 was a great year at the Calgary Drop-In Centre. We saw smiles of joy as deserving clients were handed the keys to their very own apartments. We shared in the overwhelming pride felt by more than 150 graduates of our Employment Services Training program – each securing the skills and certifications they needed to turn an important corner in their lives. And we’re also happy to have helped place our clients in over 11,000 temporary and full-time jobs.

URBAN-Community-Gardens-2014-07-30T19-58-41-009755_t_w480We witnessed enthusiastic young children working alongside homeless men and women in our Downtown Community Gardens.  And we will forever remember 2014 as the year of the young philanthropist.  So many children beyond their years raised money for our clients – one of whom even managed to sponsor three whole meals!

During the Polar Sleepover we learned just how relentlessly dedicated our staff can be. It was astonishing to see them brave the elements in support of such a worthy cause. We were also touched to learn of the incredible fundraising they did to sponsor over 60 clients on the Christmas WishList. Not to mention the overwhelming kindness and compassion of Calgarians everywhere, who helped us sponsor over 750 wishes in total, and in record time!

bottle donationAnd finally, we wiped tears from our eyes as a handful of modest clients donated more than a year’s worth of bottle money to sick children and their families at the Ronald McDonald House. They demonstrated in the most beautiful way that you don’t need to be wealthy to be rich in spirit.

As we approach the dawn of a New Year, we look forward to the great things that it will bring for our clients and our city. We thank each and every person who engaged with us in 2014 and hope we continue to see those familiar faces through the next year and beyond. Your support – be it through advocacy, volunteering, donations or meal sponsorships – is truly what makes our work possible.

Our resolution for 2015 is simple – to continue being the beacon of kindness that we have always been, unwavering for over 50 years. We will accept, as we always have, any and every person who needs our help – with open arms, and free of judgment. We offer the simple promise to meet our clients at eye level, and to help them to get wherever it is they want to go.

IMG_1511We look forward to facing the challenges that await us in the months ahead – because we know we won’t be facing them alone.  This amazing city and the incredible people who live here are the core and very essence of The Calgary Drop-In Centre.  They are what define and personify the value of kindness which we hold in the highest regard.

Have a safe and wonderful New Year.