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Steve and his wife Michelle have a classic Canadian love story – she served him at Tim Horton’s while he was working as a truck driver, she gave him a free coffee now and then, and the rest is history.

The two were married and had a son named Alex, and decades later are still happily married. With the downturn in the economy things have changed for the family, and like many others who have been hit hard by the recent economic situation in Alberta, they now find themselves without a home.

Steve lost his job and Michelle is unable to work due to health issues.

“When you are without a home, you don’t have a feeling of belonging and you are always depressed,” explained Michelle. “I never thought it would be this bad for us.”

This family wants to belong to a community again, and our third housing initiative offers that opportunity.

Everyone should have a place they can call home, feel safe and incorporated into the community.

Our next housing initiative provides a new option for people in need of long-term supportive housing, as well as for members of the general public.

Help us make a difference. By adding your voice today, you will be part of the solution and help change lives.