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Home is a word that almost impossible to define. It is more than just an address or a place to sleep, it is part of your identity.

Edmund has been at the Calgary Drop-In Centre for five years and when asked what the word means to him, he is almost a loss for words.

One of the first things that comes to mind for him, is a sense of belonging.

“I believe in the community and I believe in the family – I believe that is what home is,” explained Edmund, who grew up in a large family in Montreal.

Edmund says he is used to having people around him and doesn’t like being without that feeling of community, which can cause long states of depression for him.

Edmund also described home as ‘people giving of themselves to others’ something that is echoed in his thoughts on affordable housing in Calgary.

“Give us a chance,” said Edmund. “I wish I could have a nice little saying, but it’s not that simple. All I could ask for is a chance.”

Our third housing initiative provides a new option for people in need of permanent supportive housing, as well as for members of the general public.

Help us make a difference. By adding your voice today, you will be part of the solution and help change lives.