Written by Grant Fischer.

Things happen all the time. When it happens, it may not seem importance, yet, years later, the memory remains clear and meaningful.

I have struggled. I have lived in the margins. Some may have thought I was a lost cause.

One day, I was given a volunteer job washing dishes in a soup kitchen. That volunteer job helped me rediscover my self-worth and made me feel useful.

While volunteering one day during the Christmas season, someone gave me a pair of wool socks, grey socks with yellow toes and heels.

Over the years, those socks traveled a lot miles, and that small gift helped me in my journey to becoming a more grateful and useful member of society.

I now work, pay taxes and bills. I continue to be of service with those less fortunate and struggling. And I will never forget the kindness and thoughtfulness that went into that small yet meaningful gift of socks.

Over the years, one sock got lost, as socks are prone to do.

This time of year, let us be thankful for our blessings and hold on to the hope of finding that one lost sock.

We all have the capacity to give. You can give to others this holiday season by supporting the DI Christmas WishList: http://wishlist.thedi.ca/. Visit the website, read homeless Calgarians stories, and, please, grant a special someone’s Christmas Wish. We all deserve a Merry Christmas.