Steve Seeger

Steve Seeger

To Steve Seeger the DI is…

For myself, the DI is a facility where people in need can get the help they require. The staff and volunteers are very helpful. The clothing store and hygiene office provide the basic necessities. The counselors are always willing to listen.

A big thing I have noticed is that a majority of clients are willing to volunteer for chores and tasks such as elevators, hygiene, laundry and in the kitchen. Many help out even when working or job hunting.

I enjoy my work with the Client Advisory Board and believe it is of assistance to both clients and staff. Clients and staff working together make this facility more manageable. The DI has as many, if not more volunteers than staff, and without them the facility would not run as smooth as it does.

Some of the comments regarding Steve were:

“Steve volunteers everyday and goes above and beyond. He is also great with the other clients on the floor”

“Steven is a man of many hats… Absolutely amazing!”