Hardworking CLIC Volunteer

Thank You for the Computer

After eight years of hard work with a company, Mike was laid off. He is currently looking for work. Despite that, he is motivated. He is upbeat. In his own words, he is “in a better place.” He is optimistic because the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre’s Computers for Low Income Calgarians (CLIC) program gave him a refurbished computer.

With his computer, Mike updates his resume, creates cover letters, accesses the internet to find jobs and emails employers. He has the tools he needs to succeed.

“I am through the roof,” says Mike. “You can do about 10% without a computer. You don’t even know what jobs are out there.”

In 2012, The DI’s CLIC program shared 455 computers with low-income Calgarians. Every person and every family who receives a computer is in a better place.

Mike says, “Thank you for the computer.” Thank you for making Calgary a better city for all.

If you would like to give low-income Calgarians the tools they need to success by donating a computer to CLIC, email AlexK@TheDI.ca or phone 403-699-8276.