The DI: Annual Review 2010 is a snapshot of what happened in 2010 and provides an overview of what caused the changes we saw in the number of people we served, as well as an overview of the impact the changing demographics have on our client base.

In 2010, our numbers (those statistics that tell the story of who came, how often and what they did here as well as measure how we met their needs) tell a story of good news for those exiting homelessness mixed with challenging circumstances for those entering homelessness for the first time.

Good news. In 2010, the number of individuals using the services of the DI decreased by almost 15% from approximately 10,500 unique individuals in 2009 to 8,850. Of that total, 1,302 used our services for the first time in 2010 while 39% of those who used our services did not use the DI for shelter (night time stays) but rather, for services such as counseling, laundry, food and training. There was a slight shift in women versus men with 11.3% of users being women in 2010 versus 12.8% of our total population in 2009.

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