By Jeannette Vega

The Holiday Season is always a very busy time of year, we want to bring the magic of Christmas home so we run around trying to get everything on our childrens’, friends’ and families’ wish list as well as attempting to spend quality time with those we love most.

Last night, I did yet another “last minute” run to the mall for some final gifts that were on my list. I spent three hours maneuvering through endless crowds of aggravated shoppers and came home happy I had accomplished my goal.

This morning I lay in bed imagining how happy my son would be when he opened all of his presents and yet I felt something was still missing. And then it hit me, I was giving him everything he wanted but I wasn’t giving him the most precious gift I could: I wasn’t teaching my son about the joy and importance of giving and this troubled me.

In the most serendipitous form of events I received a call from my friend Jordan Hamilton, Manager of External Relations at the Drop in Centre. I missed his call, but as I was looking through my email I saw a message from him that read: I need your help. I called Jordan right away and he proceeded to tell me about a program at the Drop In Center to grant Christmas wishes to homeless people. He told me they needed help, even though over 500 people have been sponsored,  there were still 164 people who had not been sponsored, just one week away from Christmas.

James, DI Adult Care Worker with a sponsored gift

This year, I want everyone to get sponsored, because no matter ones circumstances, rich or poor, we all deserve a Merry Christmas.

– Jordan Hamilton.

I knew immediatley this was my call to action. An opportunity to give had been presented to me even before I had had the chance to pray for it. As I looked around, I realized that I had absolutely everything I needed and wanted for that matter. I have shelter, food, health and love, it is time to give to others and teach my son one of the most wonderful lessons in life.

Sponsored gifts at The DI

I asked Jordan to tell me a little more about the program and he shared an inspiring and touching story about an amazing group of people, the staff at Fierce Girl Fitness, and how they decided to touch a person’s life this Christmas through the Drop In Centre Christmas WishList.

Watch Video HERE

Tonight I will sit with my family and read through the stories of the people struggling at the Drop in Centre, I want us to reach out together and help someone. I know that this small act of kindness will touch their hearts and ours in long lasting and beautiful ways. I believe with all of my heart that this was meant to be my “gift” this year. I wanted a new family tradition and now I have the best one I could have ever imagined.  I want my son to know how wonderful it feels to help others and experience the gift of giving.


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