Volunteering is a meaningful way to make an impact in your community.

Regardless if you volunteer as part of a group or on your own, the DI provides multiple ways for you to be at the forefront of creating social change. Whether you serve a meal, sort donations or make sandwiches, every act of service contributes to the goal of ending chronic homelessness.

I regularly volunteer at the DI because there is a stigma with homelessness that I would like to help break. I cannot do this alone, which is why I encourage friends and family to come out and volunteer with me to see what I see. To share a laugh, a joke, or a smile with someone who is a complete stranger living a complete opposite life as you… that’s when you make even a small connection. It’s as though the differences suddenly disappear between you and that person. – Dana, Volunteer

The DI receives enormous support from the community. For example, in 2016, volunteers contributed a total of 200,587 hours which is equal to 96 full-time staff members. 

Today, for example, we were joined by volunteers of all ages as part of Ismaili CIVIC Day — and we are still in awe of their commitment to support the community and exemplify Islam’s core values of peace, compassion, and care for the vulnerable.

Ismaili CIVIC is a unique initiative of the Canadian Ismaili Muslim community to demonstrate its long-standing commitment to Canada, improve the quality of life of all citizens, strengthen its deep-rooted ethic of volunteer service, and exemplify Islam’s core values of peace, compassion, and care for the vulnerable.

Hear what Rachel Notley had to say about Ismaili CIVIC.

As part of their day of service, volunteers sorted clothes at the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s Donation Centre and they made 2,000 sandwiches which will be used for bagged lunches. Across Alberta, volunteers also supported the Women in Need Society, Girl Guides Canada, The Mustard Seed, Habitat for Humanity, and the Edmonton Food Bank.


If you, your friends, family or colleagues are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, we are always looking for people like you!

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