It was raining
the day Catherine’s mom left her. Catherine waited for her to come back from the store. She waited until it got dark and she fell asleep. In the morning, her mom still wasn’t there. She still hadn’t come home. The days turned into weeks, and months turned into years. Catherine never knew where her mom went, but she used to go looking for her.

Now, Catherine can’t remember what her mother looked like. She doesn’t have many friends or a job she likes. Rainy days make her sad, so she drinks. She drinks to forget the mother who stopped loving her.

There are hundreds of reasons people end up on the street, and “I chose to” isn’t one of them. You can help people like Catherine. With your support, we can provide the counselling, treatment and community she needs to overcome homelessness.

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Names and some details have been altered to protect the identity of the people we serve.