Feeding Freezy

You’re Invited to the YYC Foodtruck Summer Feeding Frenzy


This weekend is Summer Frenzy in the East Village. Every food truck attending will be featuring 1 Mealshare Item – which means a bunch of meals will be donated to the Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre – we’re so excited!

 We are going to have a small info booth at the event – if you’re hungry & free between 11am and 7pm on June 27 & 28 please stop on by! I will be in and out of the booth during the day, but would love to see you. If I am not there, Breanne will be. She would love to say hello as well.


Jeremy Bryant Co-Founder Mealshare

And a special thank you from the Calgary Drop-In to all the participating foodtrucks:

Friday, June 27th: Sticky Ricky’s YYC; The Perogy Boyz…; BBQ Ranch; Subs n’ Bubbles; The Naaco Truck; BentoBurrito; Taiko Taco; Fiasco Gelato; Vasili’s; Avatara Pizza; Jelly Modern Doughnuts; Happy Fish; and, Lettuce Beet.

Saturday, June 28th: Mighty Skillet; Take It & Go; Sticky Ricky’s; The Perogy Boyz; Yummi Yogis; Subs N’ Bubbles; The Naaco Truck; Red Wagon Diner; Bento Burrito; Vasili’s; Avatara Pizza; Waffles & Chix; The Purple Pastry Chef; Fiasco Gelato; Taiko Taco; Braizen Food Truck; Happy Fish; and, Lettuce Beet.